3’31'" | cor | 2018

New constructions can be perceived as ruins.

Vitória is the capital of Espirito Santo.

During the last years, its population have experienced drastic economic transformations

that not only affected population in a social way, but in their landscapes as well.

Contemporary forms of living designed by financial appeal.

Each person with you own car.

Each person with their own home.

While dreams grow old in peripheries.

Individualism confronted with the emptiness left by contemporary monuments.

Cais das Artes

With a constructed area of 22.500 m2, the proposal is for the structure to be an important outstanding cultural venue for the city.

How ever, today. Ten years passed by, the space remains unfinished. How much it costs the reality that is yet to come?

Re - interpretation of public spaces.

Multiple fragments of the same city.

Ocupei the place where we live.

Public - Private.

Cinema and city.


New constructions can be perceived as ruins.

Culture has poisoned beauty and truth, turning into deceit and fraud.

And they left us the planks.